AmbuMan Wireless

The AmbuMan W (Wireless) does not need cables and wires. Which means it can be placed in realistic surroundings away from computers and power supplies.

Curaplex HALO chest seal

HALO blankets wounds in an adhesive, supportive gel that prevents blood loss and stabilizes severe injuries.

PneumoFix Decompression Needle

The Russell PneumoFix™ is a sterile chest decompression device designed for the management of tension pneumothorax, simple pneumothorax and pleural effusion.

Capno - Filterline Set, Intubated

The Microstream™ Technology Smart CapnoLine FilterLine Set circuit is a one-piece design, ideal for quick application in emergency intubations.

Little Anne QCPR

Little Anne QCPR allows an instructor to monitor up to six learners at the same time from the palm of their hand.

Laerdal Resusci Anne QCPR

The Resusci Anne® QCPR® is an adult CPR training manikin now improved for multiple feedback options that provide opportunity to focus on student competency.

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