Moulage For Manikins Book, 2nd Edition


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Moulage for Manikins (2nd Edition) is a wonderful compilation (130 pages) of simulation recipes for health care education. Sample recipes include a scratch of flesh, a clot of blood, and an ooze of choice bodily fluids. This book was developed by Jeanne Cleary (MA, RN) and Kaaren Harris (RN, CCRN Alum, M Ed), nursing simulation instructors at Ridgewater College. The book includes color photos of the recipes, a notes area on each page for comments, as well as tool kit ideas to stock your own simulation kitchen. This book is a must have to make your manikins come alive.
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Moulage For Manikins Book, 2nd Edition

Moulage For Manikins Book, 2nd Edition


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