Backboard Pad, Disposable, Black


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Trauma Travel Backboard Pad gives patients some added comfort without compromising C-Spine integrity. The Trauma Travel Pad is quick and easy to use, aids in backboard cleanup and is a great financial benefit to hospitals by decreasing and preventing the development of decubitus ulcers.

  • Decreased hospital costs by reducing hospital acquired pressure ulcers
  • Patient comfort
  • Ease and quickness of use
  • Ease of cleanup and less chance of cross contamination to EMS workers.
  • Prevention of Pressure Ulcers
  • Full length padding prevents heel ulcers
  • Low cost of padding
  • Recyclable
  • CT & X-ray translucent
  • Provides a thermal barrier in extreme hot and cold weather
  • Latex Free
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Backboard Pad, Disposable, Black

Backboard Pad, Disposable, Black


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